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By Debbie Thrower

On Thursday 31st October 2013 at Chatteris Airfield ten challengers completed the adrenaline flowing, once in a lifetime thrill of a sponsored Skydive – jumping tandem from up to 13,000ft.  After a short briefing we boarded the plane, it took approximately 15mins to reach our skydiving altitude and then harnessed to the front of a fully qualified instructor we jumped from the plane.  Then an exhilarating minute of freefall reaching terminal velocity of 120mph, combined with the peace and tranquillity when the parachute opens at around 5,000ft giving us the opportunity to take in stunning views before landing on the drop zone making it a unique and enjoyable experience we will never forget.

The total raised for this challenge is an amazing £3,225 for Keeping Abreast Support Group in King’s Lynn who does the amazing work of supporting women going through breast reconstruction, with meetings held every other month.

On Wednesday 5th February 2014 we went to King’s Lynn Queen Elizabeth Hospital, to present Keeping Abreast with their cheque.  We met Claire Fletcher (Chairperson) and Elaine Rudd (Breast Reconstruction Nurse) and other members of the team.

Roger Skipper took on the challenge for a more personal cause which was to raise money to purchase an all-terrain wheelchair for his grandson Daniel aged 7 who has Cerebral Palsy and has achieved £1.100 towards this – well done.  However the cost of the wheelchair was £3,286 so Megan’s Challenge decided that as it was for such a special cause and so that Dan’s family could purchase the wheelchair straight away we would make up the difference.

On Sunday 6th March at Gayton Social Club we met a very proud Dan and his lovely family where he demonstrated his new all-terrain ‘hippocampe’ wheelchair with all the attachments.  What an amazing little boy and such a sense of humour!! The limitations of his old wheelchair were so obvious when you see the versatility and mobility of the ‘hippocampe.

On Sunday 23rd March Dan went to Hemsby and tried out his new chair. Mum explained what a difference it has made. ‘Dan was able to chase the waves with Emily and we had a pleasant stroll along the beach. Two things that we have never been able to do before. We are going to enjoy the beach so much this year (weather permitting). Thank you so much for making this possible.’

Many thanks to all those who continually support us and those who have donated so generously for both charities.